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Have you signed up for the {free} Happy Habits Workbook yet? It is a 14-page guide to help you choose YOUR goal, create actions I call Happy Habits to help you reach your goal, tips for when you get stuck, and tons of cheerleading! Making changes is work, but this work is going to be fun! The book is called Happy Habits Workbook, after all!

I don’t know about you, but a number of New Years in the past, I found myself resolving to lose weight, and I didn’t succeed.


First of all, I didn’t make a plan beyond the resolution. “I’ll go to the gym,” I thought. And I went a few times when I was in the mood. That wasn’t enough.

The second and most important reason, is that I had a handful of other goals and priorities that were more important to me than losing weight. Losing weight was just a thing everyone was talking about. Ads were telling me that it was time and it should be my goal. Facebook friends were doing it, so I should too! Right?

Wrong! The goal to lose weight wasn’t mine. So how could I expect to reach it?

Goals are great to have. But the best goals — the goals you will succeed in accomplishing — are the ones that are important to YOU right now; the goals that make you feel happy while you are pursuing them; the goals that are measurable and reviewable.

This is where the Happy Habits Workbook comes in! It walks you through brainstorming your goals, creating positive actions to help you reach them, and offers advice and guidance if you get derailed on your goal-getting train. (Which you probably will because life happens.)

I sent a brief preview of the workbook to moms who signed up early in mid-December and released the workbook 12/31 to everyone else and here is what folks are saying about it already!

Happy Habits Workbook Preview Feedback:

I just downloaded your preview of the Happy Mom Workbook. I’m excited! I struggle with working full time, volunteering for both kids’ classes and having multiple positions in scouts. My kiddos are getting so big and I feel guilty sometimes. I’m looking forward to realigning.

-Stephanie B

Sounds familiar right? For me too! That’s why I started this goal-setting approach — to make sure I’m making time for what is important to me!

Happy Habits Workbook Full-Release Feedback:

This is fantastic. At 14 pages it is easily digestible and does’t feel like a chore that I’ll never have time for the way even a short book can feel.
Your writing is easy to follow, to the point, and contains just the right amount of “cheerleading” that feels genuinely helpful rather than overly optimistic.
Looking forward to spending some time with the workbook and myself ❤
Are you ready to realign with a 14-page digestible workbook full of helpful cheerleading? Sign up for your totally free Happy Habits Workbook today!
I'm ready to sign up!