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4 Happy Habits I Should Work On (But Won’t)

Many of us have that list — whether it’s formally written, journaled out over time, or jostling around in our heads. We hold a list of things we should change, or try, or do to make our lives easier, happier, and/or healthier.

But is that Should Do list helping? Or is it just taking up much-needed mental resources and energy? I have a Should Do list, but recently decided to let go of most of it… for now. So let’s say goodbye together to my shoulds, shall we?

  1. I should stop swearing. I know, it’s hard to imagine that a hand-sewing, all-things-BBC consuming, essential oil using, wannabe yogi is over here swearing like a teenager who just decided swearing sounds cool. But I do. I swear. I have tried to NOT swear 1000 times. But I’m now coming to terms with the fact that my heart isn’t in this goal. So until it is, I’ll be dropping the occasional f- and s-bombs. Not in front of your kids though!
  2. I should try to put myself together before leaving the house. Well, I actually WANT to do this one, but I won’t anytime soon. Time is precious to me and between maximizing playtime, downtime, and working on my handmade business, I don’t leave much time for getting my kids ready to get out the door, let alone myself. One day I’ll wear mascara and maybe a lip color again. For now, “natural mom getting sh*t done” is my look. (OMG I just swore again!)
  3. I should buy a quality piece of art to hang over the fireplace. Another one I have to shelve. If only so I don’t waste energy and time obsessesing over art pieces that I can’t realistically get for a few years. Our house still feels very new-to-us and there are tubs to replace and porches to repair, a driveway to re-pave and drain. Art will have to wait for some more foundational things to be put in place. But we’ll get there.
  4. I should learn to garden. I am embarrassed to admit this. It may ruin any woo-woo Earth cred you may have assumed I have, but I have an irrational disgust of bugs. So gardening al fresco is a source of panic for me. I want to get over the disgust so that I can plant more with my girls and landscape our yard. But this is something best left to the professionals for another year at least.

You guys, taking things off my “Should Do” list has made me one million times lighter. It doesn’t mean I’ll never get to these things, but it does mean they are no longer taking up my energy and mind space right now. What shoulds can you drop now to make space for what is important to you today?

Let me know in the comments below! Or over on Instagram or Facebook!

And if you haven’t already, and you want help planning out a goal to make your life happier today, check out my TOTALLY FREE Happy Habits Workbook to start making the happy life you want today! This workbook will also help you drop those shoulds and concentrate on what will make YOU happy today!

4 Happy Habits I Should Work On (But Won't)


Goal-Setting, Happy Habits

The Biggest Difference Between YOU and THAT Mom

Have you ever found yourself staring at another mom wondering, “How does she do it?” Me too.

The put-together mom. You know the one who is ALWAYS put together — earrings, adorable shoes, real pants, hair perfectly coifed and yet… kids in tow.

How does she do it?

The workout mom. The one that makes it to Zumba classes each week and encourages you to go. Has three kids. Exercises regularly outside of the home.

How does she do it?

The organized mom. The one who knows about all of the special events happening in town, has the school schedule memorized, and seems to show up to all of those things on time. She has four super active kids in 3 different school buildings — preschool, elementary school, and middle school.

How does she do it?

The snack mom. She always has healthful snacks packed in adorable bento boxes, probably arranged in adorable designs, plus extra to share! She makes food so fun that your kids are begging her for more broccoli.

How does she do it?

The smiling mom. The one who can connect with anyone’s kid on their level. Kids can’t wait to see her and she can’t wait to see them! She can entertain your kid, her kid, and still has a hand and calm voice to help the mom with the kid having an epic tantrum.

How does she do it?

Well, I figured it out. The difference between you and that mom doing that thing you want to do is…



THAT mom has made THAT thing a priority. That mom has made it a priority to feed her kids healthful snacks. That mom has made it a priority to look super cute every day. That mom has made it a priority to hit the gym three times a week no matter what.

Getting started on being THAT mom you want to be is merely deciding to be that and making it a priority. Simple to state but tricky in practice. When you say something is a priority you are saying it is important to you. It’s of value to you. That’s huge! The rest of it is knowing what you want and making dedicated to steps to get there. And that’s were you and I get stuck, right?

I Can Help You!

I’ve developed an approach to setting goals and taking dedicated actions — that I call Happy Habits — to help you make what you want a priority! The Happy Habits Workbook is a FREE 14-page guide that is equal parts:

  • aspirational and goal-setting theory and
  • pragmatic digging in and doing the work

By the time you have worked through the guide you will have a created a concrete plan to help you be THAT mom. The one YOU want to be!

That Happy Mom Workbook

Are You Ready To Be That Mom?

Are you ready to be THAT mom you want to be? Sign up for The Happy Habits Workbook here! It’s TOTALLY FREE, so you have nothing lose!

If you are wondering who I am and why on Earth I am guiding anyone, you can read a bit more about me and my background HERE!

If You Aren’t Ready

If, for any reason, you aren’t ready to be any kind of mom but the kind who gets through the day, put this in your pocket. This is not a priority in your life right now, and that is OK. I’ve been there. But I do ask that you talk to someone if you think you need extra help– your friends, doctor, midwife, partner. They will want to know and they can help you. xoxo

The Biggest Difference Between You and That Mom


The 3 Words You Need For Your Best 2018!

Are you into New Year Resolutions? I don’t know about you, but the pressure of the New Year Resolution is just too much! It’s the implication of success or failure that turns me off. If I resolved to jog 3x/week and found I hated it and stopped, that isn’t a failure, that’s a valuable learning experience. If I resolved to jog 3x/week, and it killed my knees after 2 months, and I switched to yoga, again, that’s not failure, that’s called adaptation!

The Three Words You Need For Your Best 2018

BUT! What if just three words could help you think about what worked in 2017, what you need to let go of, and what you want to try in 2018!




That’s it!

Got a printer handy? I’ve made a pretty Happy 2018 Worksheet (click the link to download) with my favorite three review words. Use this  worksheet or write it out on your own piece of paper — whatever is easier for you! Then when you have a moment, grab your favorite pen, marker, or crayon if it’s more handy (no judgement), and fill it out! That’s also the beauty of this review! It only requires about 5 minutes of time!

a stress-free year-end review

After you fill out your sheet, hold onto it! Tuck it into your planner or journal, or tape it to your wall to take a look at in a few months to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. This list can be fluid, just like the amazing year ahead of us in 2018!

If you do give this Happy 2018 Worksheet review a try, and want to share a section or all of it for accountability or a cheering squad, use the tag #keepditchtry and #thathappymom on Instagram. I so want to see what you come up with so I can cheer you on and you can use this hashtag to inspire and support others!


I’ll be sharing my own review with these hashtags soon! So make sure to check that out! And tell me what you think of resolutions or picking a guide/inspiration word for the year on Instagram @thathappymom! I’m open to changing my stance on these annual traditions.

Also, BIG NEWS!! I’m making the final edits to a FREE 14-page workbook with a step-by-step guide for setting your own happy mom goals AND taking actions toward those goals without feeling stressed out! You can sign up for that here on the blog on 12/31! So stay tuned!