About That Happy (Seeking) Mom

Hi! My name is Gillian (like, Jillian) Freeman. And I’m a mostly-happy mom of two girls — 2.5 and 5 years-old. And when I’m not happy, and obviously we all have our moments and days and weeks, I find I’m seeking happiness.

Before I was a full-time mom and part-time handmade business owner, I was a psychologist. In fact, I have an MA in psychology with an emphasis on coping with stress and everyday stressors in a positive way! I even published a few research articles on the topic. See! I was searching for the positive even in my pre-kids researcher days!


This blog is about my continued search for the positive — where I will discuss and reflect on the combination of what I’ve learned from my own past reasearch and what I continue to learn from my own experiences as a parent, avid parenting/psychology/woo-woo book reader, and from talking to other moms!

Grab a notebook or journal and join me for explorations and discussions as we seek happiness in parenting and just living positively.

Let’s find our happiness together. It won’t look the same to all of us, and that’s totally okay! But together we can seek it out, bounce ideas off of each other, and incorporate our happy breakthroughs into our everyday lives.

Are you ready to be that happy mom?