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Dwell On The Positive

I’m so excited to announce a new category on my blog: That Happy Spark. A monthly action-based idea/quotation/question to promote happy feelings, positive thinking, and brain shifts for the positive. Growth stuff. But the key part is action-based. Thinking about something is one thing. Acting on it is another. These are meant to be action-prompts for journaling or social media posts, but take action any way you want! Scribble down your thoughts on a scrap piece of paper or the notes section in your phone, have a conversation, journal on it, write a facebook post, comment below. But if this resonates with you, take your “yes, this!” thought and turn it into an action. And spread happiness within yourself and onto others! Now for the first one…

Dwell On The Positive – That Happy Spark January

This time of the year especially, I hear people talking about what is “wrong” with them — what they don’t like, what they want to fix.

But what if we focused more on what is “right with” ourselves— what we like, our gifts, what we’re doing well?

We’d be a hell of a lot happier, I bet!

But to do that is to fight against programming. We are programmed to highlight the negative rather than the positive. From an evolutionary perspective, this negativity bias kept us safe. If we focused on the bad, we’d avoid it, and survive.

I’m here to tell you that your survival now is not in jeopardy by noticing the good in your life. In fact, your happiness, and thus wellbeing, will benefit from pushing back against negativity bias and seeing all that’s right with you.

What if we dwell on the things we like about ourselves?

So, if you have 2 minutes: Comment below and share at least one thing you are doing right! (I know you have more, but you’re likely feeling shy. Real talk, I am too!)

If you have 5 minutes: Post on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere and inspire someone else to think about and talk about what they are doing right!

If you have 10 minutes: Grab your journal or a piece of paper and brainstorm all the things you are doing right. Then bookmark that page or hold onto that paper and return to it when negativity bias has got you down and you need a boost!

I’ll be journaling my positives later today and perhaps I’ll share them on my Instagram so stay tuned!

Have a great day, happy moms!💖

Gillian, Your Happiness Guide and Fellow Seeker


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