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A Quickie: Happy Holiday Breath (Not The Egg Nog Kind)

Hi! This is your holiday reminder to breathe.

Holidays are exciting! They bring that super special palpable energy into our lives! And that excited energy is so good, until it isn’t.

Suddenly we find ourselves negatively excited  — our breaths get shorter, our tempers get shorter, the time it takes us to go from “this is going well” to absolute panic gets shorter… If you find you’re starting to get excited in the wrong places (well, that sounds wrong), take a few deep breaths.

Deep Breathing is a Happy Habit of mine. Deep breaths (or abdominal or belly breaths) encourage full oxygen exchange in your body and can slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure, not to mention they help you take a few beats between feeling a powerful emotion and reacting. Or is it just me who needs an extra beat during the holidays?

Try out a holiday mediation I made just for you and me:

Take a deep breath — in through your nose for 6 counts and out through your mouth for 6 counts. Imagine a beautiful golden sparkler at a safe distance before you. Your exhalation makes the sparkly flame dance before you and your inhalation brings its glowing crackle closer to you but still a safe distance away.

Close your eyes and do this 5 more times. Good! You just had yourself a little self-care holiday meditation and a few wonderful deep breaths! How do you feel?

In the hours and days that follow, come back to this if you need to!

Happy Holidays — full of lots of positive excitement (and a few sparkler breaths if you need them)!




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