A Question

What If You Tried?

One of my happiness guides is my 2 year-old. She was born amidst chaos, (my) screaming, and fear. I was told they couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat. And while two nurses shuffled around me, poking my belly with monitors, my midwife told me that I had to push like I never pushed before. And I did. And my second baby was born… heart pounding strong… and with a smile on her face.  A real smile. The kind newborns aren’t supposed to have.

And every day since, more often than not, a smile is on her face. She is a genuinely happy person. And she is my happiness guide.

my youngest happiness teacher

When she gets upset, she gets UPSET— she cries and stomps and feels her all feels. And then she gets over it. And when she’s over it. She. Is. Over. It. With ease she switches straight back to happy. Sometimes she even announces, with tears still in her eyes and tumbling down her cheeks, “me happy now.” And for her, it’s that simple.

One day when I was having a particular tough mom-day, I thought, “Hey, I wish I could do that! Just announce that I’m happy and switch into all-in happy mode.” And a few days later I followed that thought with, “Well, what if you tried?”

Join me on my year long challenge to myself, AND YOU, to tap into more happiness, fun, and ease in parenting and the rest of life! Will you join me and be that happy mom?


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